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       Huante solar has its own technical professional r & d team, is a high-tech enterprise, the application of industry 4.0 mode to create a fully automated solar product production line, welding from the front to the back packaging, constantly optimize the quality of components, and then improve the component performance, so that the component power to single crystal 360W, polycrystalline 340W. The core products have all passed the international certification of TUV, CQC, CE, ROHS, and IS014001 environmental management system, IS09001 quality management system certification, to meet the growing quality demand of domestic and foreign markets.

       Ring industry of solar energy with international vision and flexible cooperation mode, combined with the constant pursuit of the green clean energy with deep understanding, from the early stage of the project consulting planning, mid to system design and installation construction, until the late whole operation maintenance, improving research and development, production, installation and operation of comprehensive strength.

Wuxi huante solar energy technology co. LTD

Wuxi huante solar energy technology co. LTD

corporate vision:

To become a global leader in solar module manufacturing

enterprise tenet:

Leading scientific and technological innovation, integrity to create the future

enterprise spirit:

Aspire in me, adult in things, communication, exchange blend

business goal:

Customer first, technology first, unity and cooperation, pragmatic

quality policy:

Establish the first-class quality consciousness, provide the first-class product service

why did you choose us

why did you choose us

It's not just a component:Every component provided by huante has many important and strict quality control systems behind it;

Supplier rating system:Material supplier rating system changes every quarter according to multiple standards, layer upon layer of screening, only to seek the best quality;

Full traceability system:Only through a unique bar code, components from the front to the whole production process traceability, so that internal and external control is simple and efficient;

18 quality control points:The entire production process is covered by 18 quality control points, which are controlled in real time. Timely connection of production flow information makes production more transparent;

Calibration system:Our standard plates are calibrated annually by TUV laboratories to ensure that our test results for mass-produced finished components are accurate;

Third party power measurement system:Every six months, a number of components are randomly selected and sent to the third-party power measurement system for testing, with the aim of providing the ultimate product;



We have the international leading manufacturing level, industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, multiple testing to ensure the solid quality of products

1.    Polycrystalline black silicon battery technology, component power significantly improved

2.    Single crystal PERC battery technology, module conversion efficiency up to 19%

3.    MPPT optimization technology, component power increased by 5%-25%/span>

4.    Anti-reflection coated glass technology, component power increased by 1.5%

5.    Spot welding strip technology, component power increased by 1%

6.    Anti-hot spot intelligent technology, reduce component power attenuation by 5%

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